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Club Safety Solutions has been assisting private clubs and other businesses with safety issues since 1997.

Services Provided Include:

Simulated OSHA site assessments; managerial and line employee education, emergency planning and safety policy implementation.

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​​Education Sessions Include:

Crisis management awareness ranging from food safety issues to active shooter preparedness; OSHA compliance and OSHA policy implementation.


Emergency Planning Can Include:

The development, implementation, practice drills and/or table top review of
How safe is your facility?
How are your Emergency Action Plans?
What will your staff do if an alarm sounds?

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Alan E. Achatz, CCM, CHE

As an OSHA-certified trainer, Alan holds extended training sessions for executive staffs to raise safety awareness, assists with safety team development; emergency disaster-planning, conducts on-site safety inspections (simulated OSHA site tours) coupled with the safety policy report and develops comprehensive emergency action plans for clubs.

Alan began his career in New York state. He not only obtained his College Degree in NY, but started in his first job in the Clubhouse at Park Country Club in Williamsville, New York.

After many years in Club Management, Alan founded Club Safety Solutions, LLC in 1997. CSS's primary mission is bringing safety (OSHA) knowledge to businesses through managerial and line employee education sessions.

Certified New York State Health and Safety Specialist assisting businesses with NYS Insurance Code Rule 59 compliance.

His lively presentations bring real life situations to the forefront and allow you to address what you would do in various crisis scenarios.

Over the years, he has authored over 100 articles, contributed chapters to various private club publications and has also written a book titled, Embracing Safety at your Club.

Alan's Articles

Safety Policies for your Operation

The following policies were developed to assist you with the various OSHA policies applicable to your operation. The policies meet the Federal OSHA Standard and may require additional input specific to your operation. The policies may not meet all the requirements for State run OSHA programs, yet may allow you to have a policy template to build on. Each policy can be ordered from Club Safety Solutions.

Policy Order Form

Blood borne pathogen policy


The objective of this program is to protect your employees from potential infection with blood borne pathogens.

Specific issues, definitions, training requirements and other information impacting your operation are included.

Hazard communication standard with SDS training module


This is to ensure that the hazards of all chemicals used are evaluated, and information concerning chemical hazards is communicated to employees and employers. Information includes container labels, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and employee information and training.

Lockout / Tagout policy


Lockout/Tagout is the means of applying safeguards (locks) to protect workers as they perform the servicing and maintenance of machines, equipment, or processes in order to prevent inadvertent startup.

Revised Respiratory Standard


It has been determined that employees in the ______ departments are exposed to respiratory hazards during routine operations. Hazards include pesticide spraying that in some cases Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)

The purpose of this program is to ensure that all employees are protected.

Emergency Action Plan template


The following plan is an outline encompassing all of the activities necessary for your operation to address emergency preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters.

These activities are designed to eliminate to loss of life and minimize the loss of property and efficacy.

Personal Protective Equipment policy


This program provides an adequate method of ensuring the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for eyes, face, head, extremities, protective clothing, respiratory devices, and protective shield and barriers

Before proper PPE can be assigned, the safety director should conduct a hazard assessment to determine if the hazard warrants the use of PPE.

Hearing Conservation plan


A Hearing Conservation Program has been established and is being maintained at ­­­­­­____

A comprehensive noise survey has been conducted. ​

Articles By Alan

Alan has authored well over 100 articles. Here are some of the topics addressed.

Most Recent Publication

NCA CONNECT "A New Approach to Safety", Oct 2018

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The above articles appeared in the following publications:
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Disclaimer: These articles were written for safety awareness purposes. They are not intended to provide legal advice nor assume your liability. Recognize that some articles contain dated material and more current information is available. It is recommended that you search all available local, state and federal sources to obtain the most recent materials. Also consider your insurance company and trade publications as other excellent information sources.